Why Hire Swan Mountain Consulting Group?

In all the years of business consulting that Pat Tabor has worked, the consulting industry always has cycled in the same manner.  Firms start off small, grow as a result of a niche or huge demand, and then die off because they cannot continue to sustain the volume of projects in order to cover their overhead.  Top talent comes and goes, and the complexion of the firm is constantly changing.  The bottom line is most successful engagements weren’t because of a firm, but rather a consultant or small team of them.

One of the reasons we left the big firm world was we did not like the environment and the bottom line emphasis of the industry.  We believe life should be in balance and you should only do what you truly love to do.  We created this firm because we truly enjoy the consultive process.  Just as satisfying as guiding a hunting client on his dream hunt, so too is guiding consulting clients to achieve their objectives.  We do this because we enjoy it and we like helping people, not because we have to.

A Few More Reasons to Choose Swan Consulting Group

  • You always deal directly with the expert, not everyone on the food chain
  • We are oriented in not wasting you or our time, we are more inclined to get in and out
  • We believe in keeping your fees to us low by not having us do tasks that you can.  We add value by consulting not by charging you for busy work
  • We live and breathe the trials and tribulations of the outfitter and outdoor recreation world.  You don’t have to train us on it as we are immersed in it.  Here’s a list of the companies we operate daily.
  • We have researched and tested professional resource contacts that will save you time and money and have the background you need for assistance on a number of accounting, legal and business matters
  • You will always know what the cost will be and you always have the option of stopping work before it starts, there will be no billing surprises.
  • We believe in being realistic about what owner/managed businesses can do, we will not author lengthy documents that will sit on the shelf, we add value by cutting to the chase and focusing on solutions and implementation not endless diagnosis and documentation.
  • We are truth tellers and are willing to lose an engagement rather then hold back from being candid.

Find out why Swan Mountain Consulting Group is consulting firm of choice for the outdoor recreation industry!