One of the best indicators of whether a consulting firm is right for you is to learn from the experience of previous clients. Swan Mountain Consulting Group has yet to turn away a dissatisfied client. Many have indicated to us that the actual experience was even better then what they would have hoped.

The below testimonials came off of evaluations we gave clients after their time with us. From time-to-time we get requests for previous client contact details so they can be consulted as a reference. We would be happy to provide references upon request.

Find out why Swan Mountain Consulting Group is consulting firm of choice for the outdoor recreation industry!

I chose Swan Mountain Consulting group because it seemed they seem to completely relate to the issues I am facing.  And that sure was the case; it’s almost as if they were reading my mind.  It’s nice to know someone who can relate but who has figured out what to do and how to deal with it.

Dale M | Wyoming

Right from the start we got down to business, Pat never did a thing or incurred time that I didn’t approve ahead of time.  I was a little shocked by the final answer we came to, but pleased I found out this way instead of the hard way.  I would recommend Pat’s firm to anyone who wants a straight talking, get ‘er done kind of guy.

Jimmy H | Montana

We have used Swan Mountain for 4 different projects now and each time we are completely satisfied. More than once we came up with ideas that we presented to our CPA or lawyer, and they had to agree it was good for our business.

Les D. | Montana

We needed to resolve the value of our business between business partners as one wanted out.  We would just go around in circles, and then we called the MOGA office and was referred to Pat Tabor.  He sat down with us an ironed out a method we both could agree to.  We’ll likely part friends now.

Name Withheld upon Request | Idaho

I was offered the chance to by the river raft company from my boss, but was hesitant because it just seemed like a lot of money to me.  I went through a calculation with Aubrie after filling out a quick questionnaire and then we talked through it.  She pulled together a straight forward template and walked me through it.  Come to find out the price was more than reasonable.  I didn’t spend a lot on fees, but it was sure worth it.

George B. | West Virginia

I was convinced that it was time to sell as I’m kind of burning out.  I went over our current situation and my belief of what I thought the company was worth.  Pat used one of his famous lines “sweat equity”.  He pointed out firmly, but politely that I was dreaming to expect that price.  When we came down to what I’d likely get, I decided to build it up again before I sell.  I’m not sure I would have had such a candid response from someone else.

Name Withheld Upon Request | Colorado