Swan Mountain Consulting Group Overview

Swan Mountain Consulting Group Overview

Swan Mountain Consulting Group can be best described as a boutique consulting firm with a virtual workforce.   We are specifically designed with a very low overhead so that we do not have to increase rates beyond what the typical outfitting, adventure, outdoor recreation or eco-tourism company can afford.

All projects are managed by either Pat or Aubrie.  Once we assess the needs and specific projects to address the issues identified of the client, we draw on either our own collective skills and/or assemble a team by accessing the network of resources that we have been developed as a virtual workforce.  Our network consists of personal contacts that we have developed over the years that have content or topical expertise.  Think of it like a physician bringing in a specialist.

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Advantages Of Our Consulting Model

  • We identify, assign and manage technical experts instead of the client
  • Technical experts are best utilized when assigned specific tasks with tight timelines and budgets
  • The overall firm pricing lacks heavy overhead as the firm does not carry the burden of full time experts that are typically used inconsistently in consulting firms
  • There is no training or apprentice component built into our service delivery.  Unlike large firms that use your project to train their people, we are not designed to offer services in that manner.  This results in lower delivery cost and higher value for each consulting hour worked.

The vast majority of our work is small projects and consultations.  Sometimes, owners of outfits, eco-tourism, outdoor recreation or adventure travel companies just need an experienced “mentor” to confer with.  We particularly enjoy playing this role as we believe it truly adds value.  If companies could afford the time and expense of having a board of directors that add insight and counsel to management they would.  But the owner/managed nature of the outfitting industry and often overwhelming seasonal structure of the industry simply prohibit it.  Having a confidant/counselor to tap into on an as needed basis adds not only value when needed, but controls cost.

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