Training Services

A key component to implementation of any good strategy, business goal or objective is proper execution by the staff that is ultimately accountable for delivery.  This often does not happen because companies fail to train staff in a consistent and thorough manner that will ensure the accomplishment of the strategy, goal or objective.  Swan Mountain Consulting Group compliments the provision of consulting services with training services.  This often serves as the insurance companies need that the agreed upon direction the company will be taken will come to fruition.

Management & Employee Training

Swan Mountain Consulting Group specializes in training ownership, management and staff on topics specific to the needs of the business and typically in concert with the specific deliverables of the consulting project.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

Topical seminars to ground participants in jargon and process
  • Topical seminars to ground participants in jargon and process
  • Strategy & planning
  • Leadership development
  • Risk management
  • Customer service
  • Comprehensive marketing
  • Financial management and accountability
  • Employee attraction development and retention
  • Conflict management
Roll out training due to retrofit, redesign or new service introduction
  • A new way of doing things
  • New service training
  • Manager development
  • Merger or acquisition assimilation
Project specific implementation training
  • Train-the-trainers
  • Work group facilitation
  • Conflict management

Swan Mountain Consulting Group believes more value is added by training key employees in an outdoor recreation company so they can in turn train the members of their organization.  This will imbed most principles into the organization and begin the process of stake holders taking ownership of those issues.