Swan Mountain Consulting Group was formed by Pat Tabor in 2005 based on the premise that there was remarkably little or no assistance available to outfitters, outdoor recreation, adventure travel and eco-tourism company owners.  Pat experienced this first hand when he purchased his first outfitting business. Pat attempted to find and utilize the top talent at accounting and law firms, and found that although the professional knew the standard laws and rules, they were quite unfamiliar with the nuances of the outfitting industry.  Had it not been for Pat’s background and previous work experience as a partner in a major accounting firm, and his willingness and ability to research and learn about all the issues himself, the deal might have gone very poorly.

Almost from the beginning, word got out that Pat had built up quite a bit of knowledge about procedures, licensing rules, and had developed valuation methodology for determining the value of an outfit or outdoor recreation company.  As a result, Swan Mountain Consulting Group originally started consulting with outdoor recreation companies based on referrals of other outfitters and adventure companies that utilized consulting services on a fairly informal basis.  There became so much demand for the services that the company decided to organize formally.  Pat’s daughter joined as a partner of the firm when she accepted the position of Vice President-Finance & Administration of Swan Mountain Outfitters – Glacier Division.